Essay #1 A Defense of the Electoral College

It is under this principle that not only allows for the Constitution of the United States to withstand challenges that have strained its’ principles for two-hundred and thirty-eight years, but also allows for our government to consistently, successfully and seamlessly elect a president.

Essay #2 The Emoluments Clause

The linguistic style and peculiar nature of the clause falls in favor of suggesting the broadest possible construction to the payments it refers to. Due to the construction and style of the phrase, the framers meant for us to understand that this clause unambiguously reaches any situation in which a federal official in the United States government receives any type of item of value, gift, and most importantly services from a foreign actor.

Essay #3 The Removal Power

It is my understanding that the removal of an officer for politically ambitious reasons under the president’s delegation of administrative authority and the removal power, could be taken as an impeachable offense if the action is done in disdain to the rule of law.

Essay #4 A City Upon A Hill

proverbial phrase that has echoed not in infamy but rather in spirit. A blinded spirit whose weight is measured in heart, in which balance is paramount and a plurality of feathers can only be corrected by the blade of a double edged sword. Identity can influence our interests that influence our actions. It is a circular diagram that is recursive, not transitive. A half-truth in the half-light has given birth to the idea of “America First.” It has given birth to the idea that we are “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” It has given birth to the idea that we are the “home of the brave”, “Defender of Democracy”, “Leader of the free world,” and an arrogant electorate that believes that they are invincible to any absolute wrong doing or criticism.

Essay #5 The Rally Effect (Trump and Syria)

We must consider the president’s intentions and if he is truly making decisions which reflect the best option for Syrian civilians and U.S. national security, or for his 2020 campaign. It is important to keep this in mind when looking to understand President Trump’s change in position, because make no mistake, this wasn’t about morality.

Essay #6 A Warning (Campaign Rhetoric)

The problem with populists, aside from the violence they can perpetuate, is that they build their legitimacy on their viewpoint being the moral one. They divide the electorate on values, not political party.

Essay #7 America's Rose Bush, A Note in Independence Day 2017

Our civil society depends on linking an ethics of the common good with the uses of power. Liberty is no longer an unalienable right, but has become a matter of entitlement. When power is abused, the common good is scanted. 

Essay #8 What Are You Angry At?

Perspective matters when discussing healthcare and understanding what we’re mad at is only half the battle.

Essay #9 Down here, you'll float too

The clown squinted its’ eyes as the sun hit Georgie’s balloon animal. It watched Georgie skip away, with a white elephant hanging from a string. And just before the triumvirate were out of ear shot, the clown turned away, only to hear “you heard your father” in the distance.”

Essay #10 The Zephyr Among the Storm

When a Sanders supporter says “we don’t want to hear from her,” remember that she is the zephyr among the storm. Her narrative and point of view of what happened in the 2016 election are as important as Senator Sanders’. You may disagree with her, and that is fine. But to lambast her for publishing her point of view of what happened is to enable sexism and white privilege to reign dominate across this country.

Essay #11 The Dinner Doctrine

We didn’t say, “No dinner or religion at the dinner table” because we wanted to avoid a debate on the tax code. It was said to avoid a discussion on sexual identity, religion, race, disability discrimination or gender .

Essay #12 Columbia, The Gem of the Ocean

“The earliest known personification of the United States was not a man. She was a woman. Her name was Columbia.”

Essay #13 The American Crisis

“Seduction is a child of populism and he is both merciless and consequential. Seduction itself is seduced by praise and the potential for power. The obstacles in which our country and our citizenry face today cannot be remedied by an aborted hope. Merely admiring America’s core values from afar is not enough during testing and troubling times.”

Essay #14 The 28th Amendment

‘The Second Amendment to the Constitution is hereby repealed.’